Our Products/Projects

Riders Liberia runs two related but independent projects to address the transport challenges, the two projects work directly with the Ministry of Health these are Sample Transport (ST) for Laboratory diagnostics and Fleet Management (FM) for vehicle maintenance, transport management for entire MOH fleet inclusive of Ambulances and trekking vehicles.

Services overview

Fleet Management Project

The Fleet Management project (FM) work under a tripartite arrangement which includes MoH, GSA (Representing the government of Liberia) and

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Specimen Transport System:

Riders set up and run a vibrant Specimen Transport project using 74 motorcycles, 60 couriers and 5 technicians and other support staff and managers across the 15

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Building Blocks

  1. Preventive maintenance

    Regular, scheduled servicing, including all replacement parts, at Riders workshops or through our outreach maintenance service.

  2. Driver/Rider training

    Your staff will be trained in specially developed defensive driving techniques and daily maintenance checks-the best way to extend vehicle lifetime and drive down costs

  3. Reporting

    Performance data on your fleet- useful for effective planning and management controls.

  4. Motorcycle rider protective clothing

    From helmet and jacket, to riding boots and gloves, the safety of your riders is our top priority.

  5. Fuel (optional)

    Access to fuel at places and times convinient for your drivers and riders as well as greater controlover usage and costs.

  6. Vehicle administration (optional)

    From tax to insurance, we'll make sure it's covered.