Riders for Health Liberia

  1. Vision

    Our vision is “a world in which health care reaches everyone, everywhere.”

  2. Mission

    Our Mission is “to make the last mile the most important mile in health care delivery creating showing and sharing the solutions for achieving truly equitable health care.”

  3. Values

    Collaborative . Practical . Enterprising

Women riding motorcycles to save lives

“I want to encourage other women to join me make the difference, I am also a licensed 4-wheel vehicle driver. I enjoy doing this work,.

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Keeping Ebola at bay in Liberia

The drive to Tubmanville Health Clinic is a difficult one – even in the dry season when the baking sun has hardened the road underfoot. In the rainy season, the road becomes an oozing river of mud – impassable even with a four by four.

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  1. There are no laboratories which test Ebola specimen in the South East e.g. Maryland meaning all samples are transported all the way up to the North to LIBR in Margibi County or Phebe Hospital in Bong County or Tappita in Nimba county or ELWA in Monrovia (The specimen Lab of reference depends on the specimen type and Lab capacity to carry out the requested test). Riders designed a relay system to manage the system

  2. At the peak of the 90 days of EVD heightened surveillance in Liberia which began 03 September 2015, Riders transported 5,053 samples in the month of September.

  3. A total of 49,460 samples have been transported over the two year period from the start of the specimen transport system in April 2015 to March 2017 and 2,934,375km (3 million kilometres) were covered over the same periods

  4. No major accidents were incurred (both riding and sample handling) over 2 years of riding in over the 3 million kilometres covered indicating good rider training and maintenance.


  • "It was dangerous for us to collect samples - we were interacting with positively infected people from around Bong country. We were afraid but we wanted to save our people"
    Patrick Sonh, Laboratory Supervisor
  • "I feel proud to be part of the fight against Ebola."
    Kermei, Courier.
  • "I want to encourage other women to be mechanics and learn a trade. Women are good for this job, they are strong and they work hard."
    Fatu Sogbri, Technician
  • "This work is so important for the health of the community. Before, there were a lot of breakdowns because people couldn't bring their bikes to be serviced. Now these bikes are reaching all the people, it really helps."
    Joseph Marshall, Head Technician
  • ‘I love my job because I enjoy saving lives, before Riders it would take 3 or 4 days to get test results, now it takes just one day. Because we transport the samples we cut down the time. I enjoy that life is being saved.’"
    Anthony Sieh, Sample Transport Courier